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I have always loved wildlife. When I was about six years old, I started an “Endangered Species Club” in my backyard treehouse (we had three members), and went door to door and my neighbors for spare change to “save the animals.” When one neighbor asked what I was going to do with the money, I said, “Maybe scientists can build machines or something.” 


I loved wildlife and the outdoors so much that my first dream job was to be a park ranger. I’ve spent most of my adult life and career working for different public land management agencies. Sometimes with the official title of “park ranger,” and sometimes with other job titles. What I see as the core duties of a park ranger, however, have always guided me: protect those less able to protect themselves, including wildlife and the land itself; serve my communities and those in them; and share whatever knowledge and wisdom I’ve picked up with whomever is willing to learn.


I figured I would eventually write a memoir, become a teacher, and/or start a business. Appease my family and friends by compiling and share my adventures, mishaps, and amusing anecdotes from my time as a park ranger, teach the next generation of environmental conservation professionals, and maybe earn a bit of money to supplement my retirement savings. The word “eventually” gnawed at me though. In early 2020, I lost two loved ones unexpectedly; a close friend and a cousin. Both men were only in their early 40’s, and it was an awful reminder that there was no guarantee that I would live to retire and work on those eventual projects.


Equally concerning is the reality that the world’s challenges are not happening tomorrow. Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the sixth mass extinction, the collapse of the ocean ecosystems, and the increasingly severe environmental hazards are not going to wait under 20 or 30 years for me to eventually work on and address. They’re happening now, and action is required now. And it’s not going to be just government actions that address these issues. There is a role for individuals, academic institutions and researchers, non-profit organizations and NGOs, and the private sector.


Oso Strategics LLC is my effort to engage with stakeholders I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise cross paths with, and collaborate with them on building a more sustainable and just world for all of us. Through Oso Strategics LLC, I aim to help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently, help individuals live more purposefully, and explore some creative projects that I hope will inspire others to appreciate and conserve the world around them. And maybe build those wildlife saving machines.


Anyone who is looking for better outcomes and is open to new ideas will find something useful here at Oso Strategics.


Joe, Founder & Owner


The views, ideas, and projects explored here do not represent the views of any U.S. federal department, agency, office, or official.

All information is obtained through publicly available, open sources.

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We offer a variety of services for organizations and individuals centered around:

Consulting, Coaching, and Conservation

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We believe organizations can reduce their waste by being deliberate in their goals, and operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We offer consulting services in:

Program Evaluation

Training Development

Geospatial Intelligence

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Life coaching

We believe individuals can reduce their waste through mindful living, personal development, and deliberate consumption.

We offer coaching services in:

Personal Coaching

Reading Recommendations

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Planting a Tree

We believe inspiration and appreciation are vital to encouraging everyone to conserve the world we live in, and make it a better home for us all.

Our conservation projects include:

Project Noctua

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or each project's individual page.

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