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Our Vision
At Oso Strategics, we believe every living creature’s most basic desire is to be happy and content; to be free of suffering. As we each pursue our own definition of happiness, we quickly learn that life is full of disappointment and frustration. One of our deepest frustrations is the knowledge that we are finite creatures. We have a limited number of resources, and an even more limited amount of time. We cannot have everything, nor can we do everything. Our lives are filled with choices on how we will spend our time and resources, and every choice we make limits or removes other options.
Ideally, our choices would reflect our dreams, goals, and ambitions. Sadly, they often do not. We make choices that, at best, fail to advance our dreams, and at worst, actually hinder them. We say we want to buy a house and are saving for a down payment, but we go out for lunch everyday. We say we value time with our families and friends, but we work unnecessary overtime. We say we want to learn a foreign language, read more, take music lessons, play a sport, or start a business, but we spend hours scrolling through social media. We say we want to stop climate change, but don’t take any steps to lower our emissions. As a result, we go through life feeling as though it’s passing us by, as though we’re not achieving any of our dreams, and we waste our limited time and resources on things that don’t actually bring us happiness.
Neither we nor the Earth has the resources to waste. Just as we are finite, so is the Earth. We live on a planet with limited amounts of clean air and water, arable land, habitable space, and other natural resources. The Earth exists in a delicate physical, chemical, and biological balance, and every living creature depends on that balance for survival. Just as our mindless consumption hurts our lives, it is also hurting the Earth and the other living creatures we share the planet with. Climate change, ocean acidification, worsening wildfires and hurricanes, overflowing landfills, the loss of biodiversity. We are driving ourselves off a cliff, to the suffering and ruin of all.
At Oso Strategics, we believe in a different path. We believe in mindful living and mindful consumption. We believe we can achieve better outcomes for all living creatures through strategic planning, data analysis, and reflection. We envision a world where we set goals and objectives, establish priorities, and develop action plans for ourselves, our families, our businesses and organizations, our communities, and the world. We make deliberate, conscious decisions on how we use our time and resources, use data to measure our progress, and live our lives working towards our dreams.
Our Mission
At Oso Strategics, our mission is to encourage and support conservation through strategy by helping people and organizations make decisions that align with their goals. We help people and organizations understand conservation issues, develop strategic plans, interpret data and information, identify and deploy resources, and evaluate their impacts.

Our Values
We only work with people and organizations that share our values.

We believe all living things have the same right to life, liberty, and happiness, and deserve equitable access to each.
We believe in kindness, generosity, respect, and compassion for all living creatures.
We believe in the deliberate, conscientious use of resources.
We believe in a commitment to progress.

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