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Joe Gallegos is the founder and owner of Oso Strategics LLC, and is passionate about environmental and wildlife conservation, strategic planning, and leadership. He left a career in project management in order to pursue his dream of becoming a park ranger, and has over 15 years of experience working for land management agencies at the local, state, and federal levels*. In that time, he has experienced the challenges leaders face in deciding how to best deploy their limited physical, financial, and human resources to preserve and protect the resources their agencies manage. He is particularly interested in the connections between environmental conservation and homeland security, with special interests in insider threat and risk mitigation, wildlife trafficking, and data analysis.


A natural planner, Joe has been setting goals for himself and tracking his progress since middle school. Over the years, his list of crossed-off goals has evolved into a personal strategic plan, complete with SMART objectives, tactics, and action plans. He enjoys learning about the many factors that influence people’s behaviors and decisions, and what can be done to overcome the instincts that go against people’s best interests. Though a skilled writer and speaker, Joe is oftentimes more comfortable communicating with spreadsheets, flowcharts, and graphs.


Joe lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills, with his two cats, Stella and Olivia. He enjoys reading and writing, wildlife photography, judo, playing the piano, and spending time outdoors.

*The views Joe shares here are his own, articulated on his personal time, and do not reflect the views of any government agency.

All information comes from publicly available sources.

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